Finally, that is, definitively.
It sounds like an oxymoron when combined with the idea of woman and femininity, concepts that can only be conceived as a constant whirlwind of emotions and thoughts. Nonetheless, what is known is how far women have gone fighting their way to freedom, physical, spiritual, mental and sentimental. What is known is the strength that distinguishes them, the strength to fight, fall down and stand up again, the strength to love themselves and others. Femininity as a moving pinwheel, firm to its pivot yet ever-changing in its constant motion. Blugirl narrates that free and independent contemporary femininity in a clear way, outlining the ironic glamor that finds its final formula in Blugirl, which does not lessen its value but rather strengthens it through a unique material and imaginative interpretation.
Launched in 1995 as a contemporary line, Blugirl represents the romantic and at the same time ironic soul of the Blufin universe. It's been standing out since its debut, on both the national and international scene, for the unique and playful interpretation of the romantic and sophisticated style of its older sister, Blumarine. Femininity, breeziness and sensuality are the brand personality traits of Blugirl which, in 2021, is set to launch a brand new creative course with a peculiar aesthetic vision in which romantic discretion meets ironic sensuality, thus recalling and together updating the Brand's spirit. Witty, yet sophisticated and glamorous at the same time, the novel Blugirl woman is a cool, strong-willed and independent millennial running along the thin line of ironic sensuality.
A woman who travels through space and time, constantly reinventing her style in a blend of past, present and future / between heritage and contemporary style. More than just a style, Blugirl is a state of mind, through which the values of a multi-faceted, unique and non-homologous femininity receive due acknowledgement.