Blugirl, always yourself

Blugirl is for those seeking a blend of femininity and allure with a hint of irony.This wardrobe offers an unlimited realm of opportunities to tell stories, letting you express yourself freely, with sophistication and an unmistakable aesthetic.Blugirl combines elements of glamour and wit, individuality and awareness, sensuality and mindfulness, so that you can make an impression in any situation.
The Blugirl wardrobe is crafted to ensure you are at your best during your most cherished moments, whether it's at a party or a significant event, or simply during a normal day, whether you want to celebrate your femininity during a special ceremony or feel perfect on a date at sunset. Unplanned memories to treasure, of your life and style, living out dreams and conveying a whole new you each time.
Blugirl channels a free, independent, contemporary femininity through a brand that represents the ultimate in ironic glamour, intensifying these qualities through its unique use of materials and imagery.
Launched in 1995 as a contemporary line, Blugirl represents the romantic and at the same time ironic soul of the Blufin universe. It's been standing out since its debut, on both the national and international scene, for the unique and playful interpretation of the romantic and sophisticated style of its older sister, Blumarine. Femininity, breeziness and sensuality are the brand personality traits of Blugirl which, in 2021, is set to launch a brand new creative course with a peculiar aesthetic vision in which romantic discretion meets ironic sensuality, thus recalling and together updating the Brand's spirit. Witty, yet sophisticated and glamorous at the same time, the novel Blugirl woman is a cool, strong-willed and independent millennial running along the thin line of ironic sensuality.
A woman who travels through space and time, constantly reinventing her style in a blend of past, present and future / between heritage and contemporary style. More than just a style, Blugirl is a state of mind, through which the values of a multi-faceted, unique and non-homologous femininity receive due acknowledgement.