Products available shall generally be dispatched as quickly as possible. Indicatively delivery terms are as follows:

  • in Italy, within 3 working days of receipt by FFW S.r.l.. of full payment;
  • in EU countries other than Italy and in other countries, within 5 working days of receipt by FFW S.r.l. of full payment.



Delivery shall be made from Monday to Friday during working hours, by specialized courier in specific packaging/packing prepared by FFW S.r.l.. Delivery is made to the addressee specified by the Customer. The above delivery terms refer to Products present in the warehouses and must be intended as non-binding for FFW S.r.l.. FFW S.r.l. may therefore subsequently confirm or alter said terms, according to their requirements. Products are delivered suitably packaged and/or packed by courier chosen by FFW S.r.l.. Products are delivered to the addressee address specified by the Customer upon submission of the purchase order.


Upon receipt of the Products, the addressee must ensure that the Products comply in quantity and description to those ordered. This is without prejudice to the fact that should the Products delivered differ from those ordered, the Customer may exercise his right to withdraw.


Transport costs will be calculated according to the weight of the goods, or according to the weight/volume ratio and on the basis of the place of Product delivery. This shall be according to the agreements drawn up with the courier in charge of delivery and as clearly stated to the Customer both at the time of Product purchase and in subsequent confirmation messages.


Clients are asked to inspect the package carefully before signing for the delivery. If for any reason, the package looks tampered with, either sign for the package with reservations or refuse the package. In the event, that the package has been signed for with an unauthorized signature or there is evidence that the package has been tampered, contact the courier.


If the package is not successfully delivered to the Client's address due to a lack of cooperation from the client (wrong telephone number, wrong address, absent at address, non-compliance with import regulations) as per the FFW S.r.l. commercial agreement, the package may risk being sent back to Italy at the Client's expense including any import fees that may be assessed upon re-entry to Italy. These fees will be deducted from any eventual reimbursement.


FFW S.r.l. shipments are insured against theft and accidental damage at no additional cost to the Client. Once the shipment reaches the destination, the goods are no longer insured.